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Patio Furniture Stolen or Missing

Posted by on February 17th, 2019

In 2018, a few customers contacted us after their purchase to inform us that their patio furniture was stolen/missing! That’s right, folks, porch pirates are headed for your patio furniture that you’ve paid good money for.

What to do in this scenario?

  1. Check to see if it’s not misplaced or moved by mother nature. If you live on or near the water or in windy area, it is possible that it blew into the water or nearby property.
  2. Contact your local police department and file a police report.
  3. Check your surveillance cameras and security systems.
  4. Check your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy. Your patio furniture may be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy as “personal property” to reimburse you for the value of your belongings or pay to replace your belongings after a covered loss. In most cases, you will have to be your deductible before your benefit kicks in so consider that amount in relation to the cost of replacement.

Tips on Preventing Theft:

  1. Lock it up: we have seen customers use bicycle locks and chain their furniture to their porch. Steel cable wires will also work and will be less obvious. Speaking of obvious, a customer who recently got his chairs stolen from his porch ties cowbells onto the chain so that he is alerted of movements of his furniture.
  2. Security Cameras & Lights: aside from deterring thieves from stealing your furniture, these two features will also deter them from trying to enter your home.
  3. Tag It: write your name or address on the tags. We always tell customers to write their names on their cushions as if they are going to summer camp: whoever finds your missing items may be able to return it to you if they know who you are!

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