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Preparing Your Fire Pit Tables for Winter

Posted by on October 20th, 2018

Prepping Your Gas Fire Pit Table for Winter

As temperatures start dropping, we are reminded that freezing winter isn’t far behind. However, before you break out the fuzzy socks, snow shovels, and loads of hot chocolate, don’t forget to prepare your gas fire pit for winter conditions. As experts in this industry, we design with snowy months in mind and are here to help protect your fire table.

What Happens to My Gas Fire Pit When it Rains?

We know that the transition between fall and winter can be unpredictable; and rainy days come more frequently than not. If a gas fire table is uncovered, water will drain through the gas portholes in the burner, into the burner neck below, and out of the air shutter. In other words, water won’t build up in the burner, but rather, it will drain out the bottom.

Do I Need a Protective Cover for Your Fire Pit?

We highly recommend using a protective cover on your gas fire pit, but it’s not mandatory. Our gas fire pit tables are constructed of durable, outdoor-rated materials. Yet, a protective cover is suggested if your fire pit won’t be in use for an extended period of time (such as winter). By using a protective cover, you can increase the life of your gas fire table and keep it looking clean.

Our water-resistant protective covers feature one-way breathability, allowing interior moisture to get out while preventing water from getting in. Bonus: the rip-stop laminating is strong and protects against the elements, while the tan coloration keeps the cover cool on extra sunny days.

How Do I Care For My Supercast™ Gas Fire Table?

If you own a fire pit or outdoor kitchen featuring Supercast™, we have a few recommendations in order to keep it looking clean and new.

  • Cover your fire pit with a protective cover when not in use.
  • Follow the same instructions below for getting your fire pit table ready for winter.
  • Clean your fire top regularly with a mild mixture of dish detergent and warm water; rinse thoroughly. Avoid harsh cleaners; they may damage the look of the Supercast™.
  • Seal your fire top annually, or as needed. All of the tops are sealed initially with a solvent-based sealer for accentuating colors and producing a glossy surface. Minor surface scratches can also be removed by re-sealing. We recommend this sealer (SC-SEALER).

Is Your Gas Fire Pit Ready for Winter?

Before winter finally hits, is important to winterize your fire pit table and protect your investment. Follow these simple steps to preparing your propane or natural gas fire pit for the cold, snowy months:

  1. Remove any debris (such as dirt, leaves, etc.) from the Crystal Fire™ burner.
  2. Close the gas valve on the fire pit table base, or shut off the gas line for natural gas.
  3. Shut off and remove the propane tank from the base.
  4. Remove the glass wind guard and any other accessories. Store them inside.
  5. Remove the glass fire gems or other fire media from the burner. While this step is optional, it’s a good time to clean them before the next outdoor season arrives.
  6. Wipe down the Crystal Fire™ burner.
  7. Cover the Crystal Fire™ burner with a burner cover.
  8. Wipe down the fire table top and burner cover.
  9. Cover the fire pit table with a protective cover.

Now reward yourself with a cup of hot cocoa and curl up with an extra soft blanket. You can relax knowing your investment is protected for the long winter months. Looking for more? Visit The Wickery for all of your outdoor living products and questions.

Katie Oglesby, The Outdoor GreatRoom Company

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