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Tips For Buying Outdoor Furniture

Posted by on October 11th, 2018

Now that you’ve decided it’s time to spruce up your patio, it’s time to take into consideration what exactly you might need to make sure you get the final results that you’ve been imagining. The Wickery is ready to guide you through the process of buying outdoor furniture and, after this article, you’ll feel better equipped to make the right patio furniture decisions.

Consider your weather

One of the most important factors when choosing outdoor furniture is the weather in your area. Do you live in a humid, dry, or fluctuating climate? Do your summer nights become cold, or do they stay hot and humid? This can impact the type of materials on your patio. For example, hot, dry conditions can make some wood splinter and crack. Winds can send lightweight furniture flying, and wicker doesn’t function well unprotected in moisture, so you’ll have to put away wicker during harsh winters snows.

Consider your space

Will your furniture stay on your deck, or do you hope to have your outdoor living space on a sheltered patio? Is the area long and narrow or broad and wide? Will you need plenty of room to gather and walk, or will your space be more for lounging? Consider whether large chairs or benches would be better, or if a bar table is more appropriate for the space rather than a large dining table. By spending time analyzing your spatial needs, you can better plan your future outdoor furniture logistically.

Consider your activities

Considering your activities goes hand in hand with considering your space. Will your outdoor furniture be bumped and moved to allow for rambunctious games and gatherings? Will your kiddos be using the space for races and hiding spaces? Or will you be using your space for quiet afternoon readings? By understanding what your activities will look like with your outdoor furniture, you can better understand the type of material, quality, and quantity of furniture you will need in your outdoor living area.

Consider your material

Depending on what your activities will look like on your outdoor furniture, you can then make decisions about the material you should choose. Like mentioned above, if the weather in your area is commonly windy, avoid aluminum or lightweight furniture. Understanding the best material for your outdoor furniture will help keep your patio lively long term and will save time replacing old and worn down materials later on.

Consider your budget

Once you consider all of the previously mentioned aspects of outdoor patio furniture, you need to put all of those considerations in your own budget. Considering the fact that most wicker patio furniture lasts approximately ten summer seasons, purchasing outdoor wicker furniture should be considered an investment. While it’s important to find furniture options within your financial means, choosing high quality pieces will increase the longevity of your patio furniture substantially.

For more questions about how wicker furniture might be right for your patio, visit our website to explore all of our available pieces. We’re excited to help you find outdoor furniture that will fit all of your criteria and leave you with a beautiful patio for years to come.

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